I’m sorry mommy

I’m sorry dear mommy I dont mean to be bad

I dont understand why I’m making you sad


I see it in your eyes when I start to cry

you are asking yourself, why oh why


But mommy, crying is all I can do

Whenever I want to say things to you


I dont speak yet dear mommy, and I’m so sorry

But please I begg you try not to worry


Me crying doesn’t always mean that I’m sad

I’m just expressing an emotion I had


Or mayby I’m hungry or just really tired

You’ll never know, if I’m always quiet


You want me to sleep, I’m doing my best

It’s just that your arms is the best place to rest


When you put me down, I miss you dear mom

so I cry out loud and hope you will come


And pick me up – hold me to your chest

Let me hear your heartbeat while i rest


The smell of you mom, and your soothing voice

Helps me to block out, all the noice


The world is so loud and sometimes it scares me

Right here with you, is where it’s safe to be


Nine months in your womb protected from harm

No wonder I like sleeping on your arm


I’m sorry it’s not what you thought it would be

would you be happier mom, if it wasn’t for me?


Don’t listen to what everyone else has to say

If you do dear mommy, I’m the one who will pay


I’ll grow really fast and then you will see

this time is so precious for you and me


I love you dear mommy with all my heart

Hang in there please, we just had a rough start


I’m sorry dear mommy I dont mean to be bad

I’ll try a little harder if it will make you less sad



 –  Letter from your baby <3

– by Vicki Gylling